(anything but) a typical day

7:30 Wake Up

7:45 Flag Raising

8:00 Morning Bible Reading

8:30 Breakfast

9:15 Cabin Clean Up

9:30 Chapel

10:30 Pathways

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Rest Time

2:00 Snack Shack and Yard Games

2:30 OFT (Organized Free Time)

5:30 Dinner

6:30 Camp-Wide Activity

7:30 Chapel

8:30 Snack Shack and Yard Games

9:00 Flag Lowering

9:30 Wrap Up

10:00 Lights Out

  • flag raising

    The first activity of every camp morning is Flag Raising. At the first bell, all campers race to the flag pole to raise the stars and stripes. Flag raising is home to a few wake-me-up games as well as the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. Each night we meet around the flag pole to lower Old Glory, fold her, and store her for the next day. Flag lowering is home to some fun things like the counselor log toss, light-saber duels, and rock-paper-scissors trains.

  • morning bible reading

    After flag raising campers start the day by opening God’s Word. Our staff writes a daily devotional guide for each camp that corresponds with the teaching throughout the day.

  • cabin cleanup

    Clean cabins are a must at camp. Every morning the cabin works together to polish their quarters. Beds made, shoes lined up, bathrooms cleaned, floors swept, clothes line neat. The cleanest boys and girls cabins are announced at lunch and given their prize, usually the coveted “cleanest cabin” award.

  • chapel!

    Chapel is one of the best times of every day at camp! Twice each day campers participate in an hour-long program of songs, skits, scripture memory, videos and a Bible lesson. All these are pointing to one truth about our loving Father in Heaven and His beloved Son – the Lord Jesus.

  • pathways

    Each child is different. Our ‘Pathways’ program allows campers to choose a group of activities that more closely align with their interests and desires. We have designed these pathways to build on each other as campers enjoy camp from year to year. Click Here to Read More About Pathways.

  • meals

    Thanks to the magic of Mrs. V, Lincoln Lake serves some of the finest meals of any summer camp anywhere. Featuring delicious desserts and a full salad bar at every lunch and dinner, campers get plenty of what they love!  Campers needing special dietary considerations should contact the camp office before their week of camp.

  • OFT (Organized free time)

    Don’t miss a thing! Organized Free Time (OFT) schedules a rotation of the best activities for each cabin. Cabins will enjoy swimming, archery, nine square, pontoon rides, zip line or rockwall, and other great camp activities. An afternoon packed with fun every day!

  • camp-wide activities

    Lincoln Lake’s programs have long been host to some of the best large group games. Campers play the craziest, loudest, messiest, and wettest games – with 100 of their closest friends! It starts on Monday night with the annual Capture the Flag challenge!

  • snack shack & camp store

    What’s a week at camp without some sweet treats to enjoy? Campers love experiencing the freedom of managing their account at the snack shack and camp store. They can choose from a selection of drinks, ice cream, or candy to enjoy. Also for sale are camp shirts and souvenirs! To keep funds safe, we check in the money on Monday at registration. Any leftover funds are distributed back on Saturday morning.

  • signature activities

    Scattered throughout the week are the best of the best at Lincoln Lake. After a week at Lincoln Lake you may hear “Skip and Jip,” “ice box,” “Italian night,” “skit night” and other camp lexicon finding their way into your camper’s stories. It is our joy and privilege to pass along old and new traditions as we make each year a fresh experience. Thanks for considering Lincoln Lake as you plan for summer!

Frequently asked questions

Where/How do I register?

> You can register online here.

> You can download a printable registration form here.

> You can ask for a camp registration form at your local church.

> You can contact the office and have a registration form sent to you.

Is the registration fee included in the total price?

> Yes. The $100 registration fee is already included in the price.

What if I change my mind after I register?

> The registration fee ($100) is non-refundable, and not transferrable to a different camper. If a camper wishes to change weeks, he/she may do that at no charge or loss.

Do you offer any discounts?

> We offer four discounts and one bonus:

1) $30 Member Discount for campers from our Member churches.

2) $50 Returning Camper Discount for multiple camps in one summer.

3) $100 Family Discount for 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc child from same household.

4) $100 Pastor’s Discount for each child of a Pastor or active Missionary.

5) Early Bird Bonus of a free Summer Camp T-Shirt if you register with registration fee paid before April 1st (no foolin').

> Notes: Discounts DO NOT apply to Dash or Day Camps with the exception of the Member Discount to Dash Camp.

DASH Camp Note*

> DASH Campers might not have an opportunity to experience all the activities Lincoln Lake offers due to weather, capacity, and only being on campus for half the week.

What should I/my child bring?

> Here is a recommended list:

Bible (if you have one)

Notebook and pen

•Sleeping bag, (or two heavy blankets and sheets), pillow

•Play clothes, clothes for cool days

•Modest shorts

•Rain gear

•Wash cloth, towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

•Warm pajamas

•Plastic bag for dirty clothes

•Swimsuit (modest, one-piece)

•Two pairs of shoes


•Insect repellent


•Medications in their ORIGINAL CONTAINERS

•Money for the Camp Store (recommended $5 per day), [T-shirts $10-$15 and Sweatshirts $20]

•Mark all belongings for identification.

> Items should be identified with your name written on the tag. Any lost and found items are kept for one week and then donated.

> Please do not bring: electronic devices (video games, cell phones, ipod, laptops, etc.)

What time is registration?

> Registration is from 9:00am-10:00am on Monday mornings.

What time is pick-up?

> Campers may be picked up at 9:00am on Saturday morning. Dash Campers may be picked up at 6:00pm on Wednesday night. Exceptions to this should be coordinated with the camp office.

What if I want my child with a friend or sibling?

> There is a box on the registration form to make your 'Cabin Mate Request'. Simply put the friend or sibling’s name there. We do our best to honor each request.

How can I contact my child during camp?

> Mail: Campers love to receive letters and packages from home. You must send them early in the week or the last part of the week before in order for the camper to receive them. The address is:

(Camper’s Name) LLBYC

15113 Lincoln Lake Ave

Gowen, MI 49326-9790

> Phone: Campers do not have access to a phone. Contact the camp office at 616.984.2125 in case of emergencies.

> Email: You can email your camper at: camper@lincolnlake.com. Emails will be delivered if the camper's name and cabin assignment are in the subject line.  Emails sent before 3:00 pm will be delivered at dinner each day.

How many kids are in a cabin?

> There are usually 8-10 campers in a cabin with a counselor and a junior counselor.

Please contact the camp with any additional questions. We would be glad to assist you!