Day Camp

(for 5-8 year olds)

Lincoln Lake's awesome program for 5 to 8 year-olds is scheduled for July 27-31, 2020. Campers will experience a taste of our overnight camping week and love every minute of it! We are adding in a ton of outdoor activities, including PATHWAYS! Day Camp runs from 9AM until 5PM each day. Campers should bring a sack lunch.

Campers will be grouped with their friends and work with one of our highly-trained summer camp counselors for the entire week. They will enjoy a daily chapel with songs, skits, Bible stories, and much more. Then they get to experience a day at camp to explore, play, and discover. Campers should come with tennis shoes, a towel and swimsuit, sack lunch, and any medications in their original containers.

Register your child for a whole week of Day Camp at Lincoln Lake for $150. Contact the camp with any questions: 616.984.2125 or

Sample Schedule & FAQ

Kids LOVE Day Camp at Lincoln Lake! We’re so excited to have the opportunity to host children from West Michigan! Over the course of the week campers experience a wide variety of activities both outdoors and indoors. Below is a sample schedule of Day Camp. Some notes are included below for your reference.


9:00 Registration/Indoor Games in Chapel

10:00 Chapel (Songs & Daily Bible Lesson)

10:30 Pathways

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Organized Free Time

2:30 Snack Shack and Yard Games

3:00 Swim Time (shallow area only)

4:00 Signature Activities

5:00 Check-Out


1. Registration will open at 9:00 each day. Campers will register at the entryway of the Siegel Chapel at Camp.

2. Campers will check in all medications with our camp nurse, along with any health-related comments.

3. Sack lunches will be put in coolers.

4. All items should be brought in a backpack and labeled. We will bring our belongings with us throughout the day.


1. Campers will explore one of our awesome pathways each day.

2. Campers should come with shoes (not flip-flops!) to wear at pathways.


1. Bring a sack lunch!

2. Lincoln Lake will have water to drink throughout the day.

Organized Free Time:

1. We will split up into groups for the week.

2. Each group will rotate through our best camp activities - like the zipline!

Snack Shack:

1. Each day we will open the snack shack for campers.

2. Items at the snack shack are $0.25-$1.50 (for a candy or a pop).

3. Check in funds once at the beginning of the week or each day at registration.

Swim Time:

1. Each day we will swim at the beach.

2. Pack a modest swimsuit and towel. Goggles and “floaties” are also welcome.

3. Lincoln Lake will provide life jackets for swimmers.

4. All swim times will be supervised by our Red Cross-Certified lifeguards.

Check Out:

1. Pick up campers at the entryway to the Siegel Chapel.

2. Please remember to bring your driver’s license or some other form of identification when picking up your child. We will ask to see it.

Items brought from home:

1. Lincoln Lake is not responsible for any items brought to Day Camp. Please do not bring anything your child does not want to share, does not want to lose, or is not willing to risk getting broken.

2. We are proud to offer a unique camping experience for your child. In order to avoid any “outside” distractions we ask that all electronic devices such as cell phones, portable video games, iPods, etc. remain at home. Our general rule is “if in doubt, leave it at home”. Day Camp staff will provide plenty of activities, toys, games, art supplies, books and other items to keep your child entertained.

If you have any questions about Day Camp that you would like answered before you come, please email us at