God has provided both through the generous gifts of His people to meet the needs of those who struggle to afford camp.  If you need assistance, please click on the link below to apply.

 (Scholarship Application) 

  • WEEK 1 - JUNE 10-14  

    DAY CAMP  (AGES 5-8)


    Register Here!

  • WEEK 2 - JUNE 17-22


    SPEAKER: Pastor Ryan Morter (Galilee Baptist Church)



  • WEEK 3 - JUNE 24-29


    SPEAKER: Pastor Andy Doane (North Park Baptist Church)



  • WEEK 4 - JULY 1-3


    SPEAKER:  Pastor Trevor Guiles (Liberty Baptist Church)



  • WEEK 5 - JULY 8-13

    HIGH SCHOOL CAMP (grades 9-12)

    AM SPEAKER: Pastor Sam Vincent (Oakfield Baptist Church)

    PM SPEAKER: Pastor Wes Crawford (West Cannon Baptist Church)



  • WEEK 6 - JULY 15-20

    JR HIGH CAMP 1 (grades 6-9)


    PM SPEAKER:  Pastor CJ Nissen (Ravenna Baptist Church)


  • WEEK 7 - JULY 22-27

    JR. HIGH 2  (grades 6-9)

    AM SPEAKER: Pastor Greg East (Calvary Baptist Church)

    PM SPEAKER:  Pastor Jonathon Fuller (Baptist Bible Church)



  • WEEK 7 - JULY 22-27

    WILDERNESS CAMP  (grades 7-12) 

    Speaker:  Hunter Reynolds



  • WEEK 8 - JULY 29 - AUG 3

    ELEMENTARY CAMP 3 (grades 3-6)

    SPEAKER: Pastor Phil Severn (North Park Baptist Church)



need additional funds?

Lincoln Lake alumni and friends have donated through the years to help any kids have a chance to come to camp. We love the ministry and work the Lord does at camp and want to help remove some of the financial barriers that can keep families from coming. Fill out our simple scholarship form and we will be distributing funds on a case by case basis.



Summer camp video

Check out what summer is like here at Lincoln Lake in our video below!


High Adventure

Overcome fears, scream for joy, and live a little!  These high adventure activities can turn a good day into a GREAT one. High Adventure activities are at an additional cost (except zipline/climbing tower for summer campers and sledding for winter campers), and are available weather-permitting.

  • zipline

    Elementary aged campers love to conquer our 4-story, two-football-fields long zipline. This double zipline allows campers to share the experience with a friend. It is located in the central portion of the camp property, about a 4-minute walk from main camp. 

  • climbing tower

    Middle School students and up face the challenge of our two climbing walls. A variety of pre-set paths up the wall keep this challenge fresh. The climbing tower is a part of the zipline tower. 

  • speed boating

    Middle School and High School students tear across Lincoln Lake behind our competition-level Master Craft speedboat.  Enjoy every single one of the 400 acres of all-sports Lincoln Lake.  We offer tubing on this beautiful lake.

  • Pontoon

    Imagine a peaceful, leisurely trip around the lake taking in the sights and spending time in quiet reflection.  This isn't that.  Take on one of Lincoln Lake's favorite spots: the crisp waters of the spring-fed Ice Box!  Guests renting the pontoon could also enjoy a quiet cruise...if you're into that.

  • flag tag

    Kids of all ages will enjoy our "NEW" tag arena.  It is 30 seconds of intense cat and mouse.  Don't miss the built in trampoline...

  • human foosball

    5 v 5 intensity as you play our newest program addition.  Human foosball is perfect for middle school / high school students.  Enjoy the excitement of tournaments under the lights.

  • crate stacking

    Harness in and get ready for some great team building opportunities.  Crate stacking will test your balance, communication, and teamwork.  

Summer activities

Our summer campers enjoy these activities, and so do our guests!  We offer these throughout the summer,

as well as in the late spring and early fall (weather permitting).

  • glowball!

    Enjoy one of Lincoln Lake's signature activities: Glowball! We turn on the ceiling-mounted blacklights in the Quonset and crank up the music for this fast-paced, high-energy experience. Dodge all incoming throws and knock over the other team's pins or take out all opposing team members to win. So fun!

  • 4-court volleyball

    4-way Volley ball is chaotic, exciting, and fun and can involve up to 40 players at once. A high energy game where competition runs high, 4-Way Volleyball allows 4 teams to simultaneously compete against each other. To lighten things up, use a beach ball (or two). Or enjoy a family camp favorite activity: Nuke 'Em!

  • basketball

    Take on some friends for a game of ball. We've got a cement, outdoor, 3/4 court with a 10-foot hoop at each end. Classic fun here.

  • the beach

    Sandcastles anyone? Enjoy a large welcoming area to enjoy some sun. Spread out the beach blanket or pull out your favorite chair. Enjoy swimming in the cool waters of Lincoln Lake. Enjoy our 10' high dive and low diving board. We've also got the unsinkable water mats to play on in the shallow area and water basketball in the intermediate swim area.

  • canoeing

    Classic camp. Enjoy the stillness of the lake on a peaceful canoe trip. We've got 13 canoes available with life jackets and paddles galore.

  • archery

    People from many walks of life enjoy archery. Almost every age group can participate. We've got several bows to choose from, including traditional bows and new compound bows. A fun group or individual activity.

  • octoball

    Octoball is played in our very own octagon pit. Players "hit" the ball at each other in the ring. If the ball hits another player below the knee, they are out. But be careful! Anyone who hits the ball out of the pit is out. Kids LOVE this game, and will play for hours!

What to bring?

  • Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Pillow and warm bedding for a twin size bunk (a sleeping bag is best)
  • Clothes for activities (be prepared for cool or rainy weather): pants/jeans, closed-toe shoes (tennis shoes) and at least one other pair of shoes
  • A modest bathing suit(one-piece preferred), swimming suit cover-up for walking to and from the waterfront, beach towel, flip-flops, and sunscreen.
  • Toiletry items: Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, and towels
  • Insect repellant, flashlight and spending money for the Snack Shack