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“The best week of my summer!” Campers enjoy their chosen pathway activities and a wide variety of Lincoln Lake experiences including skit night, Italian night, glow ball, pontoon trips to the Ice Box, zip line rides and more. Sound biblical teachers and speakers challenge each camper to grow in their walk with the Lord. Pepper in delicious meals and the fun of snack shack to top off a week of pure camp bliss.

A Day in the life...



7:30 Wake Up
7:45 Morning Bible Reading
8:15 Flag Raising
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Cabin Clean Up
9:30 Chapel
10:30 Pathways
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rest Time
2:00 Snack Shack and Yard Games
2:30 OFTs
5:30 Dinner
6:15 Camp Wide Activity
7:00 Chapel & Wrap Up

8:30 Snack Shack and Nuke 'Em
9:00 Flag Lowering
9:30 Lights Out

  • morning bible reading

    As part of our teaching ministry, we create a daily devotional guide for each camper.  This guide has morning Bible passages, fun activities related to the theme, memory verses for each day, as well as pages for chapel notes.  All these features are tied together with our chapels each week to focus our teaching of the Bible to campers.

  • CHapel

    For over 75 years Lincoln Lake has provided a place for those seeking the Lord to grow in the knowledge of, obedience to and love for Him. We teach the Bible and its truth to each guest at camp. Each week of our summer camp program is carefully tailored to serve Elementary, Middle School or High School students. Lincoln Lake exists as an outreach of the local church, using the unique atmosphere of camping to evangelize and disciple individuals through the Word of God.

  • Our campers love our Pathways, which allow them to experience activities in a specific area of interest.  Choose from Athletic, Outdoors, Creative Pathway, or Water Sports for Middle School and High School camps (Water Sports at an extra charge).

  • meals

    With the help of our top-secret weapon (Mrs V.), Lincoln Lake serves some of the finest meals of any summer camp in the country, featuring delicious desserts and a full salad bar at every lunch and dinner.  Special dietary considerations should be coordinated with the camp office prior to the week of camp.

  • OFT

    Never miss the good stuff!  Organized Free Time (OFT) gives campers a chance to experience all the great offerings at Lincoln Lake.  Campers go swimming, do archery, play octoball, go on our zipline, and much more!  Cabins go together to each activity to enjoy the fun with their friends!

  • Camp-wide activities

    Lincoln Lake has long been home to the craziest and wildest large-group games around!  We play hilarious games that are messy, wet, or just plain fun!  Campers are split up into teams and enjoy some friendly competition.  It all starts with annual Capture the Flag battle each Monday night!

  • Snack Shack

    What's camp without the snacks?  Lincoln Lake offers snack shack twice each day.  Campers enjoy the freedom to purchase candy and pop, souvenir sunglasses or Lincoln Lake T-shirts!  Snacks and drinks are typically $1 each.  Tip:  Don't lose your cash!  Check your funds in at the Snack Shack table at registration and we will keep track of it for your loved one.

  • Signature activities

    After a week at Lincoln Lake you may hear about favorites like Skip and Flip, The Ice Box, Italian Night, Glow Ball, or Skit Night. It is our joy and privilege to pass along old and new traditions as we make each year a fresh experience. Thank you for considering Lincoln Lake as you plan for summer!